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A Simpsons' Christmas

Chapter 2
Lisa: Bart?!
Bart: I'm okay!
Lisa: Dad?
Homer: No! I'm not ok! *Homer sobbed*
Lisa: What is it, Dad!?!
Homer: I'll never get the lifetime supply of bottled water!!!!
Lisa: Ok, at least we're all ok…
Homer: I didn't hear the address I was supposed to send my details to! Why is life so cruel! *Homer wailed loudly*
Bart: We're never gonna get the stupid tree!
Seymour: Good Lord! Is everyone ok?! *Seymour leaped out of his car to aid the Simpsons* (Seymour had been driving past when Homer crashed. Seymour had been out doing errands for Agnes)
Bart: Could it get any worse?
Lisa: Yes, Principal Skinner. Everyone is fine.
Seymour: Let me at least give you a ride home.
Lisa: We weren't going home, we were going to get a Christmas tree. I guess we'll have to walk there now.
Homer: Walk!?! *Homer and Bart groaned*
Seymour: I'm on my way to buy a Christmas tree for Mother. Want to come along?
Lisa: Thank you for the kind offer but we coul-
Bart: Aww, man! Why do we have to go in Principal Wiener's lame-o car?
Homer: Shut up, boy! Do you wanna walk?! *Homer unlocked his car doors*
Bart: No way… But do we HAVE to go with HIM??? *Bart looked at Seymour with hatred*
Homer: Yes boy, we have to go with Principal Wiener. *Homer got out of his car*
Seymour: That's not my name you know.
Homer: Do I look like I care? *Homer was already getting into Seymour's car*
Lisa: I'm so sorry about this… *Lisa looked at Seymour with despair*
Seymour: Don't worry about it, Lisa. Just this morning some children were teasing me for being a "Mama's Boy"… I wonder what they could mean by that…
Homer: Come on!!! HURRY UP!!!! *Homer held his hand on Seymour's car horn*
Bart: YEAH! Are you guys coming or not!?
Lisa: We should probably go now… before Dad does 'it' again.
Seymour: I agree, Lisa. *Seymour rushed to his car. Seymour looked worried* (In the past, Homer had stolen Seymour's car, and when Seymour had got it back it was not pretty…)
Bart: Lisa's got a crush! *Bart imitated kissing*
Lisa: Grow up, Bart! *Lisa got into Seymour's car*
Nelson: HAW HAW! Bart's hitching a ride with Principal Wiener! (Nelson had been walking nearby)
Seymour: Why do people keep calling me that?!
Nelson: Smell ya later, dingus!
Bart: I'm dead! Thanks a lot, man! *Bart glared at Seymour*
Seymour: We'd better hurry it up. Mother's expecting me to make her tea in three hours. *Seymour looked at his watch, then got in his car hurriedly*
Bart: Let's just get the stupid tree and get back to our normal lives… *Bart got into Seymour's car*
This is the second chapter of my first fanfic, "A Simpsons' Christmas". Make sure to read the prologue and chapter 1 before reading it! Hope you like it and enjoy!!

Click links for Prologue, Chapter 1 and Chapter 3
MightyMorphinPower4 Featured By Owner May 24, 2012
Another exllxnet chapter here
Thank you again :aww:!!!
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