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A Simpsons' Christmas

Chapter 3
Lisa: Should we tell Mom what happened to Dad's car? *Lisa put her seatbelt on*
Bart: Nah.
Homer: Uh, kids… Let's just pretend that 'thing' with the car, never happened.
Lisa: Ok, Dad… *Lisa sighed sadly*
Bart: It'll cost ya, Homer!
Homer: How much? *Homer looked at Bart with mild frustration*
Bart: Ten bucks. *Bart opened and closed his hand as if to say 'Gimme'*
Seymour: Not in my car, young man! *Seymour started driving his car*
Homer: He sure told you, boy! *Homer laughed at Bart*
Bart: Are we there yet?
Homer: No.
Bart: Are we there yet?
Homer: No.
Bart: Are we there yet?
Homer: No…
Bart: Are we there yet?
Homer: No…
Bart: Are we there yet?
Homer: No!
Bart: Are we there yet?
Homer: No!!
Bart: Are we there yet?
Homer: NO!!!
Bart: Are we there yet?
Seymour: Yes.
Bart: Thank god! *Bart jumped out of the car*
Lisa: Just in time. *Lisa looked at Homer then got out of the car quickly*
Seymour: Ok everyone, remember to stick together, these places are like mazes. *Seymour got out of his car and waited for Homer*
Homer: Wait for me! *Homer jumped out of Seymour's car gleefully. He was suddenly calm and joyful*
Lisa: How about this tree Dad? *Lisa pointed to a small weakly tree*
Bart: No WAY! That trees' pathetic! What 'bout THIS tree?! *Bart pointed to a much bigger and stronger tree*
Lisa: There's nothing wrong with that tree being small, it's not pathe- WOW! How about THIS tree Dad!? *Lisa pointed to a tree twice the size of herself*
Homer: That's one big tree Lisa! *Homer looked at the tree in amazement*
Bart: What about MY tree! *Bart looked at the tree he had pointed at, which in comparison to Lisa's big one, looked pathetic*
Seymour: I think Mother will be pleased! *Seymour looked up at a tree as tall as three fully grown men*
Bart: WHOA, MAMA! Over here guys! I found the perfect tree!!! *Bart looked up at a tree as tall as three fully grown men, this was the same tree Seymour was looking at*
Homer: Wow… Nice one boy! We'll take it! *Homer thought "Marge'll like this one!"*
Seymour: Sorry Mr Simpson, I'll be taking this one, Mother told me to get the best tree.
Homer: Listen here Mr Wiener, the boy saw it before you!
Bart: Yeah!
Seymour: Mother's going to be disappointed with me again. *Seymour sighed*
Lisa: Principal Skinner… Why don't you spend Christmas with us? That way, we only need to get one tree.
Seymour: That's not a bad idea Lisa, no wonder you're a grade A student. But what about Mother?
Lisa: She can come too! I'll invite everyone! *Lisa seemed very happy*
Bart: Way to go, Lis! Why not just tell Grandpa to come too! *Bart was very unhappy that Seymour was going to the Simpson's Christmas Party*
Lisa: Bart, I'm going to invite everyone.
Bart: Even Grandpa!?! *Bart was shocked, in Bart's opinion Abe always told "Lame-o" and "Boring" stories, especially at Christmas*
Lisa: Yes, Bart… Even Grandpa. *Lisa sighed slightly at this*
This is the third chapter of my first fanfic entitled "A Simpsons' Christmas". Make sure to read the prologue, chapter 1 and chapter 2 before reading it!!! Hope you like it and enjoy!

Click links for Prologue, Chapter 1 and Chapter 2!
MightyMorphinPower4 Featured By Owner May 29, 2012
Another exllcent chapteer
Thank you so much. I'm glad that someone likes my fanfic :squee: :aww:!!!!
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